I’m Chad James
business coach, consultant and creator of the SMARTLIFE METHOD
Download my free SMART LIFE BLUEPRINT and discover the system I’ve used in my private coaching practice over the past ten years to help dozens of real, live business owners across the world succeed faster so that they could live better. YES! I WANT IT!

For the past twelve years, I have dedicated my life to helping business owners – people just like you – succeed faster so they can live better. I’ve always done this through one on one coaching and consulting. Typically embedding with my clients for 2-3 years and walking them through the process hand-in-hand until they reached their desired levels of success and were able to continue performing on their own.  I no longer do any one on one coaching, but there are a few other ways to work with me.

Download the SmartLife Blueprint

I now offer an outline of this program for free in The SmartLife Blueprint: The Suprisingly Simple Way to Succeed Faster So that you can Live Better.

Join my SmartLife Network

For just $97 a month (or $797 per year) you can also join my SmartLife Network, a highly curated, exclusive network of entrepreneurs, owners and executives committed to powerfully upgrading their lives and businesses so that they can lead the lives that they’ve always imagined.

Apply to my CoreCadre Mastermind

Each year, I invite 12 SmartLife Network members to enroll in my private think tank: CoreCadre. This is your best chance to get to work with me in a more intimate setting.  CoreCadre is a paid, 1 Year, Accelerating Success Program and Mastermind.  And it’s not cheap.

As a member of CoreCadre you not only receive virtually unlimited access to me and my team, but you will also be part of a virtual family of high performing entrepreneurs dedicating to connecting, supporting and challenging each other to be the best possible version of themselves.

The CoreCadre program is built around a series of 4 in-person retreats that I host in my home town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Nosara, Costa Rica:

  • January – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • April – Nosara, Costa Rica
  • July – Steamboat Springs, CO
  • November – Nosara, Costa Rica

I also host a video conference master class once each month with special guests and each week I host groups of 4-6 members for intensive mastermind sessions including regular hot seat opportunities for all members.

I open enrollment for this program on September 1st and it closes as soon as I find 12 suitable candidates.

The cost is $18,000 per year (plus travel and lodging expenses). If you pay the full amount upfront I reduce the price to $15,000. If you decide to pay monthly, I require a $3000 deposit and then ten monthly payments of $1500.