The Past 12 Years Have Been
A Lifetime for ME

In 2004 After many years as a successful trainer and entrepreneur I found myself divorced, nearly bankrupt and living in a small one-bedroom basement apartment with my 4 year old, autistic son. Life wasn’t good.

My lifestyle (and ego) had gotten me in over my head and I was lost and searching for anything that would make the pain go away. My family was gone, my health was gone, my money was gone…and with it, my friends.

I decided to make a change and to get my affairs in order.

For the last twelve years I’ve been on a personal mission of growth, health, faith and healing to help other entrepreneurs avoid the inevitable pitfalls of business ownership.

But 2015 was the worst

Even thought things were going great in 2015…there was something missing. I was making great money, working with some of the most amazing people I’d ever met, traveling all over the world, yet I was unfulfilled and living with stress and anxiety.

My health had deteriorated and I was beginning to have chest pains and heart palpitations on an almost daily basis.

Then one day late in the year I had a massive and debilitating series of panic attacks that put me in the hospital.

I thought my life was over…I thought I was going to die. Not only was I waking up every day with anxiety attacks that would last 2-5 hours, nearly two thirds of my clients left me and I felt a lifestyle and financial pinch that I hadn’t experienced in over a decade.

Over the last many months I have redesigned nearly everything about my life and through extensive personal transformation work and study and have committed to helping other business owners do the same.

I Changed My Life, And You Can, Too.

Today, I’m back on track. I live in my dream town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I have a marriage and family life that most men would imagine was impossible. I’m the founder and CEO of a thriving international coaching and consulting business that generates a significant amount of income while working (significantly) less than 40 hours a week and I am as healthy as I have ever been, even completing and placing in the top half of the field in the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race, one of the worlds toughest physical challenges.

I am connected to and friends with some of the most brilliant minds in business today including people like Simon Smart, Ryan Michler, Marc Mawhinney, Tom Rubens, Carlos Vasquez, Jay Petre, Lyn Askin, Scott Oldford, Mark Greene, Mark Minard, Sean McCool, Pablo Fernandez, Tim Wambach and Bill Hart and have founded the SmartLife Network™ and SmartLife Mastermind™ to connect you to these people and to one another through virtual training, online membership sites and live peer mentoring groups.

My Personal Life

I’ve been married to my wife, Sabrina for 9 years. We have two boys in their teens and live in a modest home in our dream town or Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our son, Cruz is a hot-shot soccer player and free spirit and our son Ben has Fragile X Syndrome, a developmental disability that is the leading genetic cause of Autism. We have two small dogs named Banzai and Pixie that give us the opportunity to serve them each day J.  In 2016 we will become the legal guardians of a 53 year old man with down’s syndrome named Bruce that we have loved for the past many years.

I am an avid mountain biker, and a member of Holy Name Catholic Church in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I no longer sit on boards of directors, but enjoy volunteering with various local charities as a worker-bee.  I also have a very active men’s group that meets every week to discuss the intricacies of whiskey and the bible.

My Contact Information

Please call me at 970-846-2451 or email me at